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This is a brand new style I wanted to try. Before we start, I would like to state that I love all the new viewers from my previous blog post. I’ve received a great amount of support and many people and it’s so overwhelming. People have really enjoyed the BROKEN character as well. Back to this drawing.


I wanted to continue with the drawing style I did with the Rob Dyke photo where I add layers to the skin and change how saturated those color were. This is what I’ve started and done so far in this drawing. The underlying colors to his face are done at this point but other projects came about so I had to stop for the day. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


BROKEN HITEART: BROKEN Universe!! The seven deities have called upon me to stop the progression of this drawing of 1000 colours BUT we will continue on the day of new. As you look at the size fo this INDIVIDUAL, you can witness the character of this INDIVIDUAL as well. To what this BROKEN vessel witness by his content, I see a WONDERFUL human being with quite a difficult upbringing. Ladies and Gentlemen, depression is quite a difficult thing to deal with. He has stated that he has moments of self-loathing but he’s IMPROVED! We had the same issues before I reached ART ENLIGHTENMENT and became BROKEN! I thank you for your time and patience, we appreciate your company and critique! You are more than welcome to follow and message me on my social medias. -BH


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