This update isn’t Big, but Boogie2988 is Almost Done!

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As the title tells you well, I didn’t have a lot of time to truly get into this drawing of Boogie2988. I do apologize for that but a few tasks had to be completed in my personal life that had to be addressed right then. Luckily, I got it done in a good amount of time and they don’t have to be revisited for a while. Back to the drawing, I still got the entire shirt done. I usually don’t put a lot of detail in the clothes in these drawings because the face is the primary concern in this series. I will have this piece done tomorrow and the youtube video will be uploaded! Give your honest feedback in the comments below and I’ll address each one.


BROKEN HITEART: My BROKEN universe, the drawing of 1000 colors is close on coming to an end. Even though I am DISPLEASED with this revelation, it is a WONDERFUL drawing of 1000 colors. I’m confident that if two thousand nine eight eight of Boogie witnesses my BROKEN BRILLIANCE he would be pleased as well. YYYYAAAASSSSS the seven deities of the art world are also EXTATIC that this drawing is almost completed. Find out more. -BH


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