Rob Dyke Prismacolor Drawing is done!

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This wonderful drawing is done, the youtube video is linked here, and I have a quick announcement for you all.


To be more proactive on teaching you all, I will be going into great depth on the process of each piece and why I stop when I do. Some have asked on my social medias when I do and I believe you all should be taught by an elite artist for my age. I do sound a little egotistical when I say that I am an elite but my work has backed this up.


Also, the BROKEN Hiteart character has gone gangbusters since it’s creation. I will be doing an explanation from this character across all social medias and in my posts. If you do enjoy the new dialog I will be presenting with the BROKEN Hiteart character, let me know in the comments below.


Share this post on your social medias as well. Go ahead and check out mine which is linked in the description and join us tomorrow for the brand new format.


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