Kitty Boo Graphite Drawing Update 5

By Adam HiteIn Tags:

Overall, I had a lot more time to work on this piece today and since I’m behind schedule somewhat on this piece, I had to put in a few more hours to get to where we needed to get to. With commission work, I generally schedule the day and how much work I’ll be getting done. This is just to make sure I complete the piece in question with maybe a week or so to make sure it’s perfect for not only the client but for my satisfaction. I don’t expect, produce, or send half-assed work to my clients. If I don’t like it, I work hard to make sure it’s perfect. Anyway, I got to where I needed to be today with this drawing, which I’m very happy with. If I need to change anything later, I will but I like to get the whole piece done and then correct where I need it.

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