Fan Art of Youtuber and Gamer Markiplier Has Started! It’s Awesome.


The Galaxy oil painting was so much fun to do and you guys seemed to of really enjoyed it for the most part. Some were wondering when I was going to start a new YouTuber drawing. I think the ones who were asking sort of knew I was going to draw this guy, Markiplier. Markiplier is one of the most successful YouTubers right now! He does Let’s Plays content so if you want to watch his work, click here. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey and share.


BROKEN HITEART: BROKEN Universe! The seven deities came to me the previous evening with a POWERFUL PREMONITION! They instructed me to create yet another drawing of 1000 colours of the Markiplier. My words to this GENTLEMAN, are you ready to be BROKEN? -BH



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