Pen and ink series has started!

The highly anticipated pen and ink pro wrestling series has started as you see below. No worries, the youtuber series will start at the end of May when I can acquire all of the necessary furniture and my prismacolor pencil set. But I do have prismacolors in the amazon wishlist below which would be appreciated if you can get for me 😀


Since I’ve finished school, I’m available for hiring as and independent contractor artist for private clients and companies so email me for serious inquiries.


Thank you to all who voted and come watch us on ‪#‎Twitch‬

Follow this page for the youtube videos and remember to check out my website. The person on the top list will have a unique opportunity and that will be announced later.

Use all the affiliate links to help support my art and donate to the paypal! Email me if you want a piece done by me and we can work out pricing then.

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Here are the wishlists! Fill free to add anything to it as well if possible.

Amazon Wishlists:





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