Puppy Portrait Update 1

Here’s the first update on the newest commission I’m working on. If you have a commission idea and enjoy my work, give me a call for a free consultation. I’m more than happy to help you out. Anyway, I did come into a bit of a struggle with this piece. The specific client in question wasn’t sure what the background should be. This is a problem that comes up quite a bit so it is a non-issue because, as the artist that I am, all I needed was the color of the dog. This particular dog is white so I decided to go with not only darker colors but warmer too. White is generally a cooler color such as black is a warmer color. This client had a great darker red couch and the dogs favorite thing to sit on is this bright red blanket so, to make the dog stand out and push him forward, I decided to go with this background. I had to finish this process a little prematurely due to other commitments.

Here are the wishlists! Fill free to add anything to it as well if possible.

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