New Age Guitar (Colored)

New Age Guitar (Colored)

By Adam HiteComments: 0At January 23, 2016

This is an oil painting of my buddy playing guitar over Denver, Colorado.

Art for Sale Price $200.00

Art for Sale Description

This is the same image as the other New Age Guitar piece just in an oil painting.


Email me if you’re interested in this piece either in a print or the original piece. I’ll send an invoice of the final price and it’ll be sent to you as soon as I get the payment.

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Postcard: 3.5in x 5in                     $70.00

U.S. Letter: 8.5in x 11in                $75.00

Poster Size 1: 16in x 20in             $90.00

Poster Size 2: 18in x 24in             $95.00

Poster Size 3: 22in x 28in             $100.00

Shipping, tax, and handling will be included in the invoice.

Art for Sale Features

New Age Guitar (whole paper) (H x W) (20" x 16")
New Age Guitar (artwork) (H x W) (18.5" x 12")
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