Team Instinct on Teespring

Hello Pokemon Go fans,

I’ve made some merchandise based on the teams in the game Pokemon Go. The merchandise will be shipped once 50 of each has been sold so reserve your merchandise and share it on your social medias for others. This one is of Team Instinct or I like to call it “Instinct Club”.

Disclaimer for everyone. Click on the t shirt of the style you wish, you’ll be able to see different fabric colors and styles such as women’s tees, hoodies, and long sleeve t shirts. The styles are below if you want to check it out, below that will be the link to the storefront.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 2.50.25 PM


youtube video:

Use all the affiliate links to help support my art and donate to the paypal! Email me if you want a piece done by me and we can work out pricing then.

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Here are the wishlists! Fill free to add anything to it as well if possible.

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