Why did I draw OpTic HECZ

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I’ve gotten this question quite a bit so I decided to go into detail on why I’m drawing these certain youtubers. I will start this series of posts with my first YouTuber I created…Hector “OpTic HECZ/H3CZ” Rodriguez.


When I first started youtube and watching ELeague and ESports, one team was the standout and that team was OpTic. After watching their main channel for a while, I decided to support them by subscribing to each member and H3CZ was one of them. Some guys left and came in and I continued to support them but one guy was always a staple of my video watching and how to be a youtuber and that was H3CZ. He’s also really pushed OpTic to legendary status with the great sponsors they’ve gotten over the years. He just seems like a genuine human being and I was drawn to him. I didn’t even know he was an artist until pretty recently and it was so clear on why I like him so much. He keeps his content fresh and has multiple channels with a podcast and the main channel of OpTic. I cant wait to see him grow as a youtuber and his team. I would recommend his channel to anyone.


I’d be honored if I could meet him or even communicate with him. I hope he has watched the video and I’m really curious to see who he chooses for me to draw next. If you’re reading this Mr. Rodriguez, thank you. Thank you for setting a good example for a very small youtuber like me to not give up my channel and to continue to make content. Thank you for all of your hard work for the fans of OpTic. I hope you read this article and watch the video. Thank you for the support and I cant wait to produce more content.


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