About the Artist

Hiteart is the company I created to service as an independent contractor to private clients interested in a commission to a company looking to expand their own brand. I was born and raised in Colorado. I moved to Michigan and graduated from Kendall College of Art & Design. With my degree I got from Kendall, my range of expertise is vast from graphic design to a traditional drawing. I’ve been selling my work and services to individuals and companies for over 10+ years, putting myself in a senior artist/art director position. I am based in Denver, Colorado but I have and will work with anyone from all over the world.

I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
Vincent Van Gogh

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Individual Client Services

The most popular service that Hiteart provides, working with private clients would be considered my specialty. Clients from all over the globe that look for quality work that will last them a lifetime come to me because I provide that in a good time. My services for private clients have been vast from paintings, drawings, graphic design, blueprint layout, and many more.

Art Direction

With my extensive knowledge of the creative industry, I’ve taken on some art direction roles. I can work with teams of any size or any project. I would recommend contacting me as soon as you can for additional inquires.

Business to Business Service

My creative expertise isn’t limited to just individuals, I also work with businesses. The same great service I provide for clients has expanded to brands from all over the world. I’ve done everything from graphic design for that brand for advertisement to paintings for decorative purposes.

Many More

If you have any creative inquiries, contact me as soon as you can. I work in a first come first serve basis.

Sssniperwolf Prismacolor Drawing, the Youtube Video is Up Too

  My Prismacolor pencil drawing of Sssniperwolf is finally done. You all have been wanting to see the final product […]

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The Sssniperwolf Drawing Will Be Done Tomorrow! Youtube Video Will Be Uploaded Too.

  With the face done, I new have to work on the hardest part of a face, the hair. I […]

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The Face of the Wolves of Snipers (Sssniperwolf) is Done!

  BROKEN HITEART: This post of the blogs will ONLY be interpreted by my BROKEN brilliance! The Wolves of Snipers […]

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Sssniperwolf is Close on being #BROKEN!

    Like my Facebook Follow my Twitter Follow my Instagram Subscribe to my Youtube Channel Please share on your […]

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Sssniperwolf was on Forbes and is being BROKEN? Good week

    The face is starting to take form really well. I’m super pleased that I decided to exaggerate the […]

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Sssniperwolf Drawing is Coming Along Great. Check it Out!

  So with the base color down, I’ve decided to really focus on certain parts and shape the face. I […]

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Sssniperwolf is About to be #BROKEN!

  I finally have the time to work on this drawing. I’m usually pretty excited to get started on a […]

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What is Broken Hiteart?

“Broken” Hiteart is a character I’ve developed for social media and traditional media appearances. The character is a combination of “Broken” Matt Hardy, a professional wrestler that portrays a similar character, with the mindset of Vincent Van Gogh. Broken Hiteart displays the beauty of art in all aspects of life. In a way, some of the best works from the Renaissance era despite the war, rape, crucifixion, etc but these works are still viewed as beautiful. It seems very mundane but this mindset, in a way, is true. My work is very similar to the Van Gogh style which is called “Broken Style”. If you wish to see more of Broken Hiteart, visit my social medias.

Hiteart Shop

The store is going through a major overhaul at the moment. Purchases of my work is still available, just send me an email.